No Relationships:…is a crush ok?

After my last relationship, I made a dedication to love myself more. Taking the time to self-reflect, and embrace my understanding of myself and actions.

I release in all my feelings, even the unpleasant feelings. I allow myself to be open and honest with myself, not fronting for a mirror only I can see.

The concern I’m having is, how does this freedom, this acceptance with myself, play along with others. My wanting(or better yet choosing) to be single for a year, has everything to do with my lack of boundaries. 

The biggest challenge in my recovery is acceptance. I have a hard time accepting what I know to be true about love, and relationships, from how I was taught and shown love, and the fantasies, and thoughts I have surrounding relationships.

I’m working to create a new way of thinking, filtering out, and reprogramming the ways of my “Love and relationship obsessed ” mind.

I delight in the thought of getting to know someone, for who they show themselves to be, and not solely what I like about them, or want them to be.


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