Dismiss the Expectations, Keep the Standards

“I don’t ask from another what I’m not willing, or cannot give in return.”

That’s my new standard, that’s how I’m going to focus my relationships with others from now on.

In wanting meaningful, and consistent relationships to occur, I know I have to be of that standard myself.

If we don’t implement the standard of how we wish to be treated, and treat others, there’s no boundaries being set. And also, there’s no line of respect to distinguish from if boundaries are being crossed.

It’s true when they say, “you teach people how to treat you, from what you allow”.

Each day I’m learning more about the dynamics, of a healthy relationships. And the best, and most fulfilling one, being the relationship we have with ourselves. Thinking about my past relationships, I had a lot of expectations for how they should operate, and a lot of those expectations where fear based, from my own insecurities.

I no longer wish to control my relationships with “fictional” expectations, and forced attachments. I am trusting in myself, and my self-love journey, to uphold my standard and boundaries. I know there is always room for improvement for hearts that wish to improve.


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