Life’s Essentials…

“Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee” is a beautifully made documentary, that shows love, art, and civil rights activism, as each powers change and influence in our society.

Taking a closer look at the lives of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (two of our most influential Civil Rights Activist, and Entertainers), I have a better understanding, and consciousness of the hurdles they pushed through, and the human compassion that drove them.

I admit, in the past I felt a sense of abandonment from our older generation leaders, but after this film I know that is far from being true.

Having to rise above the limits of discrimination, along with F.B.I targeting, unwarranted arrest, and murders of many of our past leaders. I know the work of many activist, and progressive movements were cut short.

“And I eventually made a desperate push, to blame our black leadership for not making use of my potential, and leaving me paranoid and confused. I marched right out there, and made a fool of myself…” (Muta’Ali Muhammad Excerpt from Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee)

In the fight for equality powerful voices and lives were lost, and unfortunately truth is often shaded and erased. I’m happy “Life’s Essentials decided to take this project on.”Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee” highlights the strength and love of the past, and a honor for this generation. I know he made his grandparents proud.

“But I don’t think we have any, anything that we need to be ashamed of as this generations leaders. Do we need to do more? We do need to do more…

What I say to young people today, find an organization that meets your sense of activism, your sense of purpose, and be apart of it…”

-Marc Morial (National Urban League CEO & President)


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