Recovery Road: Standing up and Loving more

At the beginning of the year I made a conscious decision to remain single for one year as a test, and eventually push for 5 years of singlehood. Well that plan got shifted. A month into the new year I was officially in a new relationship.

I have acknowledged, and been honest with myself that I went against my intentions. The time I was to be single, is now an active decision to be in another long distance relationship.

In my new commitment I feel I have to be mentally and emotionally stronger than ever, as I am still recovering from Love Addiction (codependency and relationship addiction).

I feel confident that my partner is someone I can be open and honest with, but the beginning has been a great test to my ability to be a healthy individual, and secure partner.

I’m learning the importance in standing my ground and expressing my frustrations, as well as keeping true to my own personal boundaries. Coming from a codependent background, it’s easy to remain silent in the face of any discomfort or conflict. But I know to have a healthy interdependent relationship I have to get use to disagreements, and work towards a resolve that works for both myself and partner.

What does standing up, and loving more mean?”

I’m not going to succumb to my past fears. I’m going to stand in my love, and give my attention to the love I receive, and less to my insecurities. And remember to always stay true to the twelve promises.



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