Don’t Pull It

The day I stop writing rhyme
about the ache in my chest
Won’t come soon enough
The constant thoughts of being relieved of the feelings “bothering” me
Why do I seek you…
Is your pain that sweet, my craving is hard to resist?
Or is it the hint of abandonment I’m thinking to out wit…

Damn, I do have a type
Type sad
Type mysterious
Type cool
Type “too cool”
Type friend
(Possibly is my friend)
Type…”You remind me of my mother…😃
Mommy Dearest
(I love my Mother, truly)

Don’t pull it Elisa
Don’t make it awkward
“But it’s something about her ambiguous dysfunction that intrigues me…Let me live!”
Left side right side of the brain at  odds
I will sacrifices my better-ness to “be there” for a body that didn’t even ask for me…I always seem to just appear.

But for that girl(girls) that trigger the fiend in me “Hey…
I see you, you look nice…”
I don’t need you, most times don’t even want you near “No offense ”
Not bitter, just clear, more aware
All that I crave is a pain I cannot repair

And to my girls
My friends
My laughing, smiling companions
“Let me know when you’re home…”
I’ve never forgotten you
Always will love you, put you before any other
Allowing me to live in my magic, and evolve beyond the madness

I love you.

-NoP(Elisa Marie King)   

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