Recovery Road: When You Fly in Love

When I started back on my personal journey of self-love and care, it took some “brutal honesty” to get me to a place of trust, and comfort within myself.

It’s taken time and many failed situations, but I’m finally understanding intuition and believing the internal guidance it provides.

Writing about my feelings of self-love and acceptance, opens me up to my vulnerability. I take great pleasure in knowing, the love I have for myself is never ending, and flourishes from a state of self respect.

As I reflected on my past writings, I acknowledged that most of them were wrapped up in infatuation, and feelings that were unrequited. This lead me to make a conscious decision to write about Love, healthy and beautiful.

…I’m in love.

I didn’t imagine she could feel the same way towards me, as I do her.

I know I’m blessed, and very much grateful to be able to receive the love she gives to me.

I know I cannot give up my dreams, and goals by loving her. But she’s a reason why getting better is that much crucial, I don’t wish to lose her.

Flying in love, verses “falling in love”, is like taking that leap you needed to succeed. It’s limitless heights, views, and directions. It’s pure freedom.


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